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1. THE ARRIVAL #2301           10/1/1959                Dir: Howard Koch
Ringo tires of his life as a gunfighter and becomes Sheriff of a lawless Arizona town known as Velardi. He hires the town drunk as deputy, who repays Ringo's faith in him when the chips are down.
James Coburn

2. CULLY #2303                 10/8/1959                Dir:Howard Koch
A carnival trick shot expert "Kid Adonis" comes to town and his manager tries to force him into a gun fight with Ringo. Ringo likes the young trick shooter, but the manager wants to take advantage of the fact that Ringo may have killed the kid's father.
Bruce Gordon

3. THE POSSE #2305             11/5/1959                Dir:John English
An ol
d friend of Ringo's comes to town and asks to be locked up to escape a lynch mob who accuse him of murder.. Ringo locks the man up and when the town, stirred up by the lynch mob, attempts to storm the jail, Ringo learns of the plot to rob the town's bank, using the excitement at the jail as a cover.
Richard Devon, Walter Sande, Carter DeHaven

4. THE HUNTERS #2307      10/29/1959                  Dir:Howard Koch
Guards from a state prison track escaped convicts with intentions of killing them rather than capture. Ringo steps in at the last minute and prevents the ruthless slaughter.
Paul Richards, Michael Hinn

5. A KILLING FOR CULLY #2309      10/22/1959           Dir: Howard Koch
Cully, Ringo's young deputy, is forced to kill a man for the first time. Even though Ringo and others in the town assure him he had no choice, Cully goes through a tremendous psychological beating as a result of the shooting.
Bing Russell

6. GHOST COACH #2311        11/12/59                    Dir: John English
A Civil War Relic in the form of an army wagon with an ominous skeleton still in the driver's seat turns out to be a Ghost Coach.

7. THE ACCUSED #2313           10/15/1959             Dir:Lamont Johnson
Although acquitted by a jury of a murder charge, a man is hounded by hostile townspeople despite Ringo's efforts in behalf of the man whom he believes is innocent.
Robert Gist, William Schallert, Ron Howard (uncredited, in his first speaking role!)

8. THE RAIN MAN #2315      11/26/1959                     Dir:Dick Moder
A man dressed like a character out of the Bible comes to Velardi and promises to find water for the drought-stricken residents providing they will pay him in gold. Ringo distrusts the rain man.
John Carradine, Ken Mayer, Michael Hinn, Forrest Compton

9. THE CAT #2317             12/3/1959                    Dir: Frank Baur
An eccentric millionaire from the East brings a Bengal tiger to Arizona where he plans to turn the animal loose and then track and kill it. Ringo warns the man against freeing the animal, but his warning is ignored.
Cecil Kellaway, Archie Duncan

10. KID WITH A GUN #2319    12/24/1959                  Dir: Paul Henreid
Ringo takes charge of an investigation when a young girl maintains her father was murdered, despite evidence to the contrary.
Vic Morrow, Liza Menzies

11. DEAD WAIT #2321       11/19/1959                    Dir: Bill Faralla
Seriously injured in a stagecoach wreck while taking two dangerous escaped convicts back to Yuma prison, Ringo faces tremendous odds as he attempts to deliver them on foot, across the desert!
Peter Whitney, Elisha Cook, Jr.

12. BOUND BOY #2323       12/31/1959                      Dir: Tom Gries
Ringo goes to the aid of a young runaway boy who seeks refuge in Arizona after running away from a mean rancher, in whose care he had been placed by the State.
Tim Considine, James Westerfield

13. THE LIARS #2325         2/4/1960                   Dir: Larry Stewart
Ringo, while aiding a fellow law officer, is arrested for murder and placed in Death Row with four men awaiting the hangman's noose.
Wally Brown, John Larch

14. DIE TWICE #2327        1/20/1960                    Dir: Dick Moder
An outlaw, reported dead and buried, is apparently still active in crime. When Ringo attempts to exhume the body for investigation, he makes a startling discovery .
Gene Evans, Brett King, Paul Sorenson, Jean Allison

15. LOVE AFFAIR #2329      12/17/1959                     Dir: Don Taylor
Cully falls in love with a troubled woman who hides a dangerous past.
loria De Haven, Gerald Mohr

16. EAST IS EAST #2331       1/7/1960                   Dir: Larry Stewart
A woman reporter from the East regards the state of the frontier with contempt, yet is curiously familiar with Velardi.

Debra Paget

17. POSTER INCIDENT #2333    1/14/1960                   Dir: Dick Moder
Politician Arthur Tobias kills two men and claims self-defense. Ringo is skeptical.
Gene Raymond

18. SOFT CARGO #2335         5/5/1960                    Dir: Dick Moder
A show wagon troupe of women is overdue, and it is feared Comancheros have taken them. Cully is sent to investigate.
Steven Mario, Michael Fox, Diane [sic] Cannon, Sally Rodd, Diana Spencer

19. FOUR CAME QUIETLY #2337     1/28/1960           Dir: Bud Springsteen
When Ringo is forced to kill a prisoner escaping from jail, his outlaw family comes to town bent on revenge.
Jay C
. Flippen L.Q. Jones

20. BORDERTOWN #2339     3/17/1960                     Dir: Don Taylor
After Case is killed, Ringo trails the murderers to a sinister town straddling the border, controlled by a powerful saloon owner.
Ed Nelson, Paul Carr, Matt Dennis, Joyce Meadows, Robert Burton [pilot]

21. THE ASSASSINS #2341      2/18/1960                    Dir: David Rich
A mysterious but charming Russian violinist seeks refuge from old country assassins in Velardi.
Akim Tamiroff

22. THE RENO BROTHERS #2343    2/25/1960               Dir: Dick Moder
A lively pair of brothers try to clear their outlaw reputation.
Jim Beck, Ben Cooper [pilot]

23. MRS. RINGO #2345       2/11/1960                  Dir: Larry Stewart
A beautiful woman causes considerable confusion by announcing she is married to Ringo. In attempting to learn the truth, Ringo learns the woman wants him to kill another man.
Mona Freeman

24. THE RAFFERTYS #2347   2/25/1960                   Dir: Paul Henreid
A bounty hunter tracks down a man suspected of an old murder, who lives in hiding with his two children. He is determined to kill the fugitive whether he is guilty or not. Ringo hopes to find the man first.
Lon Chaney Jr.

25. UNCERTAIN VENGEANCE #2349    3/10/1960          Dir: Larry Stewart
Seeking revenge for the death of his brother, a man forces Ringo into a pen with a vicious wild bull believing he can escape a murder charge if the bull kills him.
Stella Stevens
, Don Dubbins, Sarah Selby

26. THE GUNSLINGER #2351     3/24/1960                Dir: Bob Leeds
Shot in the chest in a gunfight with the brother of an old foe, Ringo relives his past encounter, while Cully keeps watch for the dead man's revenge-bent brothers.
Harry Dean Stanton, Ralph Moody, Fred Krone

27. THE VINDICATOR #2353      3/31/1960                 Dir: Bill Faralla
An escaped convict returns to town to avenge the death of his wife and in a move to force the sheriff to release the man held for the killing, kidnaps three members of the suspect's family.
Paul Richards, Richard Rust, Robert Griffin, Jean Inness

28. THE KILLING BUG #2355      4/28/1960                 Dir: Tom Gries
Ringo faces a real problem when a wave of killing hits his town shortly after three laughing strangers ride in. He later learns that most of the townspeople took sides in an infamous range war several years before.
Buddy Ebsen, Wayne Rogers, Michael Hinn, Joe Perry

29. BLACK HARVEST #2357          4/7/1960               Dir: Dick Moder
Puzzled by the mysterious disappearance of a visitor and the strange behavior of an attractive, mute woman, Ringo stumbles upon a madman's diabolical plans.
Royal Dano, Anita Corseaut

30. JUDGEMENT DAY #2359         4/14/1960             Dir: Dick Moder
Ringo deputizes a circuit judge in an attempt to show him first hand the problems encountered in law enforcement. He gets little understanding from the judge's wife or the townspeople when the Judge is killed.
Harry Townes, Wright King

31. SINGLE DEBT #2361            5/12/1960             Dir: Arthur Hilton
Ringo, tracking the killers of a Chinese family in the hot desert wastes of Arizona, suddenly finds himself ambushed by the men he seeks. Using a diabolical plan for Ringo's demise, the killers leave the lawman exposed to the desert heat.
Warren Oates, Alvy Moore, James Hong

32. THE STRANGER #2363          5/19/1960               Dir: Dick Moder
Jeffrey Blake, a stranger from Boston, takes offense at the mistreatment Lil Blanchard, dance hall girl, gets at the hand of saddle bum Tad Stuart. Ired, Blake uses his knowledge of karate, the Oriental art of weaponless combat, to prove his love for Lil.
Charles Aidman, Burt Reynolds

33. THE DERELICT #2365           5/26/1960              Dir: David Rich
Wes Tymon, whose pregnant wife lies seriously ill, is refused a bank loan, which could save her life, by the town banker, Cartwright. Ringo intercedes when Tymon shoots the banker in frustration.
Martin Landau, John Anderson

34. SHOOT THE MOON #2367         6/2/1960               Dir: Dick Moder
Bevinetto, an Italian astronomer, and his daughter attempt to take pictures of the moon from the top of an Arizona mountain believed sacred by Yaqui Indians.
Frank Silvera, Walter Sande, Theona Bryant

35. KILLER, CHOOSE A CARD #2369   6/9/1960              Dir: Don Taylor
Ringo suspects that Mamie Murphy, a brassy saloon keeper with a heart of gold, who is about to be hanged for murder, is being framed by one of five men who testified against her.  He attempts a bold ruse to prove her innocence.
Lurene Tuttle, Whit Bissell, William Schallert, Mort Mills

36. REPUTATION FOR MURDER #2375     6/16/1960          Dir: Dick Moder
Coffin Sam, a gunfighter with a notorious record, attempts to goad Ringo into a fake shoot-out to bolster his reputation.
Alan Hale, Richard Easton

37. CAVE IN #2373               6/30/1960
Clay Horn, a former sheriff, forces old man Cobb to sell his mine in order to dupe Ringo into coming after him. Ringo learns Horn wants him as a riding partner in crime.
Robert Culp, Ralph Moody, Lane Bradford, Hank Post

38. LOBO LAWMAN (aka Breakdown) #2377         6/23/1960
The notorious outlaw Juan Garcia is captured and held prisoner in Velardi when U.S. Marshal Kramer, a man who killed Ringo's uncle, makes claim on him.
Karl Swenson, Rodolfo Hoyos, Robert Carricart, Michael Hinn, Joe Perry

Much source material has been provided by Four-Star--other comes from Don Durant and my own research. Expect a more complete episode guide soon!
original text copyright M. Jacquelyn Patterson 1999-2002